From start-up to Fortune 500 we have a solution to meet your aesthetic and budgetary needs.

Every organization is unique. With extensive knowledge of workstyles and organizational culture, our team is able to create a customized solution within your timeframe and budget. For over 25 years, our team has excelled in finding the right product for any application. Anything from workstations, to private offices, to collaborative space, we have the product you need. Working hand in hand with the Architect & Design community, is essential to successful implementation. We take their design and vision and help make it a reality. Over the years, clients have entrusted us with their needs, creating long lasting and reliable relationships.

Make your space work for you – and have more time for the work that matters.

The right workstation is the one built just for your needs. Accessible, ergonomic solutions can help prevent backaches, muscle strain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. A comfortable space means

happy and healthy employees, decreasing absenteeism and boosting efficiency and client satisfaction. The right workstation for each individual helps everyone reach their full potential.

Our team is ready to help you create dynamic workstations based on individual workstyles within your organization. Think big, like break rooms for stretching, height adjustable desks, and ergonomic chairs. And remember the details, like keyboard trays, monitor arms and footrests.

A more flexible kit of parts extends the life of a workstation too, saving hard-earned money and reducing waste when new employees arrive. From stronger green initiatives to better work life balance, ergonomic solutions open the office door to more possibilities.

No one ever said office work was easy, but an ergonomic workstation can make it more comfortable – and a lot safer.

Let us put your conscience – and your clients – at ease with a world of green solutions.

With expert advice, our team can help you implement green solutions that protect the environment, improve indoor air quality, and contribute to LEED or WELL Building Standard™ certification. We can reclaim furniture and plan more energy efficient spaces, all while saving money in both the short and long term.

Our manufacturers practice green initiatives as well. We partner with the leaders of our industry to provide long lasting product with high recycled content, green materials and take back programs to ensure product is recycled at the end of its life. Haworth, our largest manufacturer, is the first supplier to move to Zero Waste manufacturing.

Our remanufacturing division does so much more than reclaim good furniture. We can re-size, refinish, and reupholster to create unique furniture that meets your needs. We also pride ourselves on restoring loved, quality pieces to extend the life of the furniture you simply can't work without. With one of the largest remanufacturing departments in North America, we can offer green solutions from the simple to the rigorous to fit your office – and your environmental goals. And we can do it for up to 30% less. Our green solutions help the environment, your values – and your budget too.

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Flexible, functional and efficient:
Our Architectural Interiors team will help you protect your investment.

Our unique Architectural Interiors (A.I.) team benefits from continuous training. Each member draws on backgrounds in architectural technology to build movable wall systems and raised floors that create dramatic and flexible office interiors.

As you grow, your space will change and adapt with you. To realize these versatile spaces, the team works closely with contractors, building owners and clients. They meet with designers and architects, take measurements and develop product specifications based on their plans. They even supervise installation and readily provide after-install services.

With the A.I. team at the helm, each project becomes an ideal workspace with you at the centre of a well-planned and adaptable office.