Twenty-four years ago, the Remanufacturing division of Advanced Business Interiors was established because of a developing need in the marketplace. When environmentally forward-thinking clients started asking to recycle their work surfaces instead of sending them to landfills, ABI bought a saw and started cutting.

This change was consistent with the dramatic way Canadians were beginning to think about the environment and what we as a society put in landfills. Today, preserving and protecting the environment has become a priority to ensure a sustainable earth for the generations to come. At ABI, we want to do our part and as a result, we have spent years developing attractive, environmentally responsible options for office furniture.

The Remanufacturing division buys well used office furniture diverting thousands of work stations from the landfills annually. These stations are brought to our 50,000 square foot warehouse, dismantled, cleaned, cut, sanded, painted, reupholstered and sold as part of the Quick Ship Program

Through the Quick Ship program, clients can select from a variety of in-stock recycled fabrics and work surfaces. Then our team works to produce quality, attractive stations within 10 busi-ness days.

Locally owned and operated, ABI’s Remanufacturing division has 20 skilled employees. This team creates custom furniture to suit any need, refurbishes well-loved pieces and provides re-upholstery services, all within a competitive timeframe and price point.

We are proud that our Reman division plays a role in reducing our carbon footprint. As our Pres-ident Bill Toutant likes to say “we’ve always been green.”

If remanufactured furniture is a sustainable alternative that you would like to consider contact the ABI Reman team at

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