From office chic to art boutique,
the perfect seats for you and your clients.

You'll never pick a more important piece of office furniture than your chair. The right one puts you in control of your own comfort. Our models offer flexible ergonomic adjustments, including height of the chair, depth of seat pan, lumbar and pelvic support.

Seating is more than office chairs too – its conference rooms, reception spaces and brainstorming getaways. The right seat keeps employees engaged and clients at ease.

From lounge to task chairs, seating can also make a statement. Chairs can promote a collaborative work environment while allowing users privacy from the open office.

A comfortable, well-designed seat says you pay attention to detail, quality and well-being. To your employees and your clients, it says you care.

For creative aesthetics, user-focused design
and adaptable workspaces, go beyond the cube.

Economical. Practical. Uniform. Commercial furniture can be an effective investments. Workspaces should promote productivity, whether in the open office, in collaborative settings or the private office, products make the most of your space. They scale and adapt to grow with your business, answering the needs of today and tomorrow with a single solution. Inside, integrated network links and intelligent power options simplify installation in any space.

Modern, imaginative options have banished bland and gloomy cubicles of the past. The open design, ergonomic spaces and integrated technology by these systems all contribute to a user-focused experience. Combined with movable walls and sharp architecture, you can plan defined spaces that offer more privacy without losing collaborative opportunities or creative vision.

Enable collaboration and creativity.

From executive boardroom to relaxed lunch room, tables gather people together or create breakout spaces for heads down work. With a shift in space allowance from individual to group, tables can serve multiple purposes. Meeting tables with integrated technology allow

users to share ideas quickly while small occasional tables create relaxed environments for collaboration. Various styles, sizes and finishes help establish your brand and can make any space complete.

Clear your space – and your mind –
personalize your space and make it efficient.

Whether your office is big or small, smart accessories can increase efficiency. From paper sorters, to recycling stations, to whiteboards and pencil trays, accessories can complete your workspace.

Need a little more help? We’ll work with you to incorporate the perfect accessories.

In a digital world, integrate technology from day one.

Share ideas easily with our various technology platforms. With intuitive user friendly products, your AV needs will be met. Integrated

technology will allow employees to engage with one another allowing your business to take precedent.

Movable wall systems and access floors so flexible,
you'll always have the room you need.

Architectural Interiors are the most flexible and green investment you can make when building out a space. As your needs change, moveable walls and access flooring, make adapting your workplace easier, faster and more cost effective. Running power and airflow through

your floor allows users to adjust their space for comfort while saving money on energy costs. Changing a meeting room to an office overnight with moveable walls is simple, will minimize employee disruption and save on material and construction costs.

Refurbished: furniture that makes a statement
about our values – and yours.

There's no problem refurbished furniture can't solve. Whether you're striving to meet environmental commitments or simply need furniture in a hurry – and for less – these remanufactured products are the right solution.

Our remanufacturing department – one of the largest in North America – cleans, inspects and renews more than 3,000 spaces each year, giving previously-loved products a new life. Not only is great furniture saved from landfills, we are confident you'll find what you need to make the most of your space.

For any inquiries or pricing, please contact Rod Phillips at

Ready Solutions

From remanufactured green solutions to as-is, our special offers are a cost-effective option for your growing business. These ready to go items are perfect for start-ups to large corporations and are available with fast delivery. These special offers move quickly, so take advantage of them while they are available.

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